December 17th, 2008

okaaaay ..

so, i need to address an issue that includes a specific person and all the people on my "friends" list.

when i write in my journal about PRIVATE and PERSONAL issues, like .. when i got dumped by emmanuel when i was in canada, or my fucking abortion for example, and probably many other little things .. that does NOT give anyone the fucking right to go and tell my ex, or anyone for that matter!
how pathetic. a 33 year-old with nothing better to do than take information from my journal and spread it around. don't pretend to be my friend then go behind my back and spew my private issues and talk shit about my boyfriend and my life. i can only overlook things for so long, and i've just hit my breaking point. betrayer. back-stabber.
when i want people to know things about what's going on in my life, i'll tell them my fucking self. when i'm good and ready. mmkay?

i don't want to feel "unsafe" when i write about personal things in my own journal, because of the people that have access to it that feel the need to blab.

i love you all, really. and i would never betray anyone by doing such a thing, so please, respect me and my privacy. ♥
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