December 16th, 2008

you're bold

bold the things you've done this year:

lost a friend
stayed single almost the whole year
kissed someone new
made-out in a car
made-out on a couch
kissed in the snow
kissed in the rain
fell in love
had your heart broken
fell up stairs
walked in to a glass door
broke someone elses heart
had a stalker
questioned your sexual orientation
came out of the closet
got pregnant
got somebody else pregnant
kissed someone of the same sex
dated someone you'll never forget you really loved
lost faith in love for a while
done something you've regretted
lost someone
kissed under mistletoe
got a promotion
got a pay raise
changed jobs
lost your job
quit your job
applied for a job
dated a co-worker
dated your boss
dated your boss' daughter/son
got fired from your job
got straight A's
met one teacher you really like
met one teacher you really hate
found one thing you love doing
failed a class
cut class
taken/snorted/smoked drugs
got into a fight with a class mate
got into a fist fight with a class mate
did something you were proud of
discovered a new talent
gave the teachers a reason to teach
proved to yourself that you're an idiot
embarrassed yourself in front of the class
fell in love with a teacher
was in a school play
tried out for and made a sports team
were involved in something you'll never forget
got sent to the office
painted a picture
wrote a poem
ran a mile
listened to music you cant stand
went to a sleep over
went camping
threw a surprise party
had a party thrown for you
laughed til you cried
laughed till you peed in your pants
slept the whole day
visited a different country
cooked a gross meal
lost something important to you
got a gift you adore
realized something new about yourself
tried to gain weight
tripped over a coffee table
dyed your hair
came close to losing your life
lost someone close to you
went to a party
drank alcohol
drank alcohol underage
got drunk
smoked a cigarette
read a great book
saw a great movie
pretended to like someone
saw a movie that made you cry
saw one of your favourite bands/artists live
saw someone famous in person
got sick
passed out on a floor
met new people
played video games
enjoyed this year overall